Chapter Philanthropy & Service

In addition to national partners, collegiate chapters also support local causes through philanthropic fundraising and hands-on service on their campuses and in their local communities.

The Women's Wellness Initiative supports the growth of women's health on all levels, not just physical. Social, emotional, physical, intellectual, occupational, and spiritual health are all aspects we want to encourage the young women on our campus to work on. With that said, we decided to create and promote a Wellness Week to impact our campus and community!

Wellness week is a week dedicated to promoting health on our West Chester University campus. Each day is  focused on a different dimension of wellness and we held events like yoga, kickball, a 5k walk/run, a clothing drive, a food sale, and a "What makes you you" uplifting event in the campus' quad. Our goal is to create a positive way to encourage students to be healthy in all aspects of life. 

We are currently partnered with Dress for Success, a program that helps women of low socioeconomic status achieve success in the workplace. It helps women to find work attire, practice for interviews, and make connections within the community. We appreciate everything Dress for Success does with women in our community, country, and internationally and as sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau, we strive to do everything we can to support their efforts.